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Data Driven Decisions Making: A Guide to Implementing Effectives KPIs

There are two parts to making decisions based on data. Most people miss the second one.

Using data to make decisions means you will no longer rely on your gut feeling. Decisions will not be based on hopes or be subjective. Instead, you will rely on values obtained from finance and operational systems, CRM and digital marketing.

But the second part forces us to consider what data to include. It’s critical to be selective. Much of the data doesn’t provide insight to what needs to be done differently for the business to be successful. And don’t assign KPIs to high-level goals such as ROI or Revenue. That’s key. Performance Indicators (KPIs) should only be assigned to activities that have an obvious cause and effect. Revenue does not.

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  • How to map out your strategy for attaining set goals which will show you and others why the chosen KPIs are relevant
  • How KPI collaboration strengthens team work

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