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KPIs; Maligned when not Aligned

“Our KPIs are a mess!”, said one of our clients. That sentiment resonates with many. Most people will tell you their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) cause more consternation than gratification. We have also heard frustrated comments such as, “our KPIs aren’t relevant to what we do”, “I don’t know how those KPIs were chosen in […]

5 Problems with KPIs for Sales and Marketing

KPIs are overused but underutilized. Companies often spend months trying to establish effective KPIs to improve business performance measurement, but they are often abandoned shortly after implementation because the numbers being tracked are ill conceived and not suitable, so users quickly lose interest. Let’s dive into these frustrations and explore strategies to navigate them effectively. […]

Map out your Strategy

Map out your Strategy

A marketing strategy is simple. It’s knowing what your goal is and identifying activities that will get you there. That’s it. However, the process of identifying specific tasks and effectively communicating this strategy can be challenging due to its complexity and abstract nature. Marketing strategies encompass a myriad of components, ranging from defining target audiences […]